Real Air Europa 787 meets IF Air Europa 787

Showed Captain Jose and First Officer Carlos their Aircraft in IF this morning. They really liked what they saw.
¡Que tengan un buen vuelo, Jose, Carlos, Maria en Arturo!

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So cool! I just showed the entire team!


Amazing, what a meet… it’s perfect.


This is so cool! Glad that you showed them!


Thats amazing! I love going to see the pilots before a flight, but never considered doing that!

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They get to wear jeans that’s a weird uniform for a commercial pilot.


Delivery flight [or sim I assume] 🙂


Love this post

Oh! I forgot that you were a pilot @Lufthansa061 😂.
I was wondering how you managed to get onto [presumably] delivery flight.

It wasnt in the sim … LN836 has been delivered this morning from Charleston South Carolina …Take Off was at 10:26am :) They were so nice and gave me the poster where we did pictures in front of the aircraft … its 4x10 feet 🙈 where to put this ?!


Cool airline lets the FO wear jeans to work

Now that’s very very cool!

Wow! This is awesome - nice job!

This is so cool! What an opportunity xD

Delivery flight… 😉

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one of the rare things to see, fantastic.

The pilots normally of course wear a full uniform but as this is a delivery flight without passengers to fly the plane to its home base there is no need to wear a uniform. Yes some airlines do, but some just don’t .


Finally I got time to upload the landing video of Cpt. Jose. What you see is his very first! landing attempt after just flying around with the Dreamliner for 5 min. Actually he liked the behaviour of the flight model. He can not really feel “ C*U “, the control law in the speed stable 787 that let you do trim pitch with speed change, but said it is easy to fly and he liked especially the graphics and animations of the aircraft. What he didn’t like is that it seems to be overpowered and that the fuselage at the area where the vertical fin is attached to the fuselage looks dirty :)


Damn - that was a nice landing - however he did hover the nose for a bit too long lol

Awesome video, no need to say my first landing didn’t look like that haha. Next time I get to fly a last leg flight I’ll ask the pilots if they have some time to fly an approach 👍