Real 747 pilot flies a 747 in IF ( 74 Gear )

Hey guys I follow 74 Gear on YouTube he is a real life 747 pilot and he has just released a video with him flying the 747 in IF.

It’s pretty interesting to see him fly obviously not so good in his first attempt but hearing what the differences are between the 747 in real life and in IF ( I know it’s a fairly old plane)

Anyway for those that are interested here is the link.


Now this is interesting


If only the 747 was reworked 🤦‍♂️ Would have left a much better first impression on the sim.


I would think an aircraft like the 747 would have a high number of votes but apparently not…low-key ashamed of those who didn’t vote for a rework.


He did good for a first time Infinite Flight pilot.

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If it ever is reworked he would be a good guy to talk to with regards to the workings and physics of the 747.

Also the short final is too short.


FYI, I’m pretty sure he flies for Atlas Air


Annoying, he did not even use the HUD, he should have checked here before playing.

He mentioned he flew the Dreamlifter, so not many options at that point… 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

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Yeah, and considering he says he flies cargo and passengers there’s really not many options 😂

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74 gear flyes the 747 dreamlifter.

Also in his intro he shows that wing view of a -8, and it has those royal blue engines. I mean sure, chance he was flying non rev in the jump seat, but there are so many arrows I’m fairly confident in saying he flies for atlas…

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Do you mean dreamlifter?

The Dreamliner is the 787

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Yes sorry xD

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I saw Laura (ceo of IF) comment under the video and she mentioned a possible 747 rework in the future. Hope that becomes reality


No problem, it is an easy mistake to make… 😂

I just did a double take when I read that, and wanted to make sure we were on the same page…

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I obviously don’t want to speculate, but I know the A330 touch up was motivated by a video Laura saw talking about how bad the physics were. So I wouldn’t entirely discount the possibility someone as well known (well atleast in these bits) as him could have a similar impact on a 747 rework…

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No need to tag devs. And yes we all saw it, as mentioned above.

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Kind of shows how unintuitive the ui actually is. Even though I’m a fan of the new UI, there’s no way for a new user to know how it works.


Oh wow. Now we need captain Joe or mentour pilot to part take in IF