Reagan to O’hare with American Airlines

Callsign: American 7177

Route: Washington Reagan (KDCA) 🛫 Chicago O’Hare (KORD)

Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (American Airlines 2013)

Server: Expert

Runways: (KDCA) 19 / (KORD) 28C

Boarding at Gate 28.

Taxiing out to 19, thought I was the only one here.

Waiting in line at 19, Waiting for this 737-800 (American 1483) to takeoff.


Bye, Washington!

Hello, Chicago!

Crusin’ at 36,000ft. About 45 minutes to go!

Descending over Lake Michigan, I plan on visiting here in September!

Final decent over Chicago, ILS was being fussy but I managed.

Butter on 28C

Arrived, it’s a shame they haven’t added buildings to O’hare.

This is my first photo shoot, should I do more?


Nice shots! Best of luck with future flying!

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Thanks! It really means a lot!

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Probably the plane’s fault(jk)
Nice photos!


I luv this shot

also you maybe the only one who has written the runwayslol

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I’ve noticed lol

ERG cool. 👍

Really wish O’Hare had 3d buildings

Patiently waiting for KORD in 3D. Should have been in 21.1 batch

👍 very cool.