Reagan National Airport, and it's size restrictions, as well as airspace restrictions.

I was on expert controlling KDCA for about an hour, and I had to reject 4 different aircraft for being too large, KDCA is restricted to aircraft smaller than a 757. When ever I control, I have to reject aircraft, because I am trying to be realistic. I had the same issue with CYTZ a while ago, there its nothing larger then a Dash 8 Q400. I really think FDS needs to make it clear about what aircraft use what airports. Another thing I notice with controlling KDCA is no one follows the IRL restricted airspace above the national mall, which is why the only approach to KDCA runway 19 is the river visual. It is also why when aircraft take off from runway 01 at KDCA make a left turn after takeoff, its to avoid the restricted airspace. Which means I think FDS should put in the restricted airspaces that are permanent IRL.


I am goin to be there on ts1 so I will try to avoid those restrictions

If I can recall, the largest plane to land at DCA was the Boeing 787-8 back when it was new.

Although a 787-8 can land at DCA, I advise against it, unless you have 0 pax on board (or at least 10 or so).


That’s true that the 787 did visit KDCA but on a daily basis no one flies or is allowed to fly a 787 to KDCA. This was a one time only (special) occasion just to show of the brand new plane that it was back then :)


I remember once I saw an air canada 767 land at laguardia

exactly, I believe Delta used a 767 once to prove a point, but that just to prove a point, its not done on a consistent basis

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Thats laguardia, we are talking about Reagan National

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Yea sorry to go off topic

It goes the same for many airports out there that doesn’t have daily traffic from big commercial jets but does allow them to land for special occasions or emergencies only.

That’s the case for KDCA, not having daily traffic for i.e. the B788 but could handle one to land but i would believe there not enough space for a plane of that size to be standing at gate… correct me if I’m wrong.

Since the airport handles pretty much domestic fights within the US i don’t think it’d be right to forcefully land a Emirates A380 there just because you want to…

The airport isn’t optimized for large planes and there don’t even try to land one there. There’s no space for your jumbo. You can always visit you Bravo Airports if you really want to fly a big airline.

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I have done that, just on solo, I say you can do what ever you want on solo

That’s true or even on Casual, but when on Training you’re supposed to learn what you can do and what not to because as you enter Expert, one should know of the rules and restrictions, to follow them to the maximum extent possible to make everyone’s experience of flying and controlling free of unnecessary disruption.

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The biggest was a DC-10, or is the 78 bigger? I am not sure…

@KPIT, From what i know the 787-8 has longer wingspan and is also longer in length from the nose to the tail. Not quite sure on width but would believe that the 787 is bigger than the DC-10 by very small margins.

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Ya, I think they are close, but tge DC would need more rubway wich seems more applicable…

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True! One thing is for sure, both aircraft are not eligible to fly in and out of KDCA. It basically wouldn’t work in the long run… And not airport’s in the world are made for international flights with commercial jets large as the 787 or 777.

If more people in IF were more considerate of the size of aircraft that is allowed in each and every airport, then that’d be great :)

Delta had scheduled 763 service to DCA.


Because we don’t know every last flight that comes into an airport, and there are cases for larger private jets and charter flights, we usually go off of runway length and taxiway size. The longest runway at KDCA is about 7100 feet, which is (juuuuust) long enough for a 777. After that it depends on taxiway size.

TL;DR: Service doesn’t matter, runway length and taxiway size does.

Whoever the controller was at 10:00GMT yesterday he let me land a 777-300ER at DCA :)

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there is no “limit” on what aircraft can fly into DCA