Ready to step my game up

Thanks to the IFC and pilots who have helped me reach over 30,000 ops. I realized that mist of these ops were ground and tower work. I need somemore departure and approach ops…where do i start🤔.I apologise if this is a dup topic

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I’d recommend the Infinite Flight YouTube Tutorials as a good place to start to learn more about controlling Approach and Departure.


#tutorials is a wonderful place.


Well done on all your ops. Impressive!

Have you been requested feedback on your Controlling? I have seen your tracking thread, I think, but did not see a lot of feedback there. You are putting so much great effort into IF, I just think it’s important you receive and incorporate feedback into your ATC work.

Good luck with your Radar controlling. One tip there, if I may, for your practice: try to find airports with enough wind, that one end of the runway is red. Avoid airports with all ‘green’ runways. I have found with my own practice this makes it ‘easier’ for pilots to follow, your instructions to the ‘green’ runway(s). No guarantees of course 😉


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