Ready For Pushback Interview With Declan_O

Hello IFC!

Ready for pushback is continuing with our next interview. This next interview as a very very very special guest, @Declan_O! We thank him for taking the time to come onto the show, and without further ado, the podcast is linked below. It will soon be available on the “Touchdown Zone” podcast run by @USA_ATC, but for now the YouTube version is linked below. Enjoy!


Feel free to ask questions below if you have any!

Hey, Im a great friend of Declan but an interesting question is this:

From when you first joined the community, what were your first impressions of the community here on the IFC to now how you see it as a moderator and what is your favorite thing about the community here on the IFC.



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How did you do the interview? Phone call?

The interview was conducted on a recording, then I just edited by voice in. If you would like to sign off, there is a topic somewhere on the IFC for it

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I really like the idea to have an IFC dedicated podcast, and I think you’ve done a good job here! Nevertheless it would be very cool to have live interviews, because this time you clearly heard that you both read out a text which was hard to understand at some points. Maybe take that into consideration next time. Looking forward to it. :)


Thank you for your ideas, we will definitely consider that

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My first impressions of the community on the IFC, was that it was a place of great diversity in terms of users, nationalities, backgrounds, experiences and knowledge and I still hold true and believe this to this day even after being privileged to become a moderator.

The IFC is a place full of amazing people with tremendous amounts of knowledge to share with us all, after all, we do share the same passion and love for aviation!

My favourite thing about the community here on the IFC, is how we band together to share knowledge, contribute in positive manners for the most part, and have a place to come to, where we can share our love for aviation.

Trust me, this forum is a great place and has been such an amazing place to come to during the year that 2020 was.


Thank you @Declan_O for taking the time to do the interview. I hope you enjoyed it! If I can just ask you one question, did I pronounce your name correctly? 😂😂😂

You did, you pronounced it perfectly. Thanks again for the amazing opportunity!


Beautiful interview, Zac, and Declan!

@Declan_O, when if I come to Australia, we are playing a tennis match. No questions asked. 😝

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@Z-Tube proceeds to lose 👀😂

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You got that right.

Final score:

Declan d. Z-Tube 6-0, 6-0, 6-0.

Thanks, good day! 😂


No, I would beat you in tennis for sure!



Challenge accepted!


You’re upside down, so to me that looks like I won. Nice try, though. 🤪

Declan vs. Z-Tube 0-6, 0-6, 0-6.


Thanks Declan so much for doing this! Excellent interview Zac!

Wow how did you get him on?

I pulled some strings ;)

Thanks for taking all the credit, appreciate it… To be fair you did Get him on, but I did the entire editing process so…

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