"Ready for Departure, Remaining in the Pattern"

Hello IFC, I have a short but very important note on communicating with ATC. I just ended a 90 minute session controlling at GCLP. During the session, I counted 9 times that an aircraft said it was going to remain in the pattern.

But alas - only 2 of them actually remained in the pattern.

You ONLY say remaining in the pattern if you are going to do this:


Or, even better, this!

Communicating your intentions correctly are even more critical when there is a controller taking departures, like today. Departures were mainly using one runway and therefore did not have a lot of space between them, so getting them to the radar controller immediately after takeoff was important if spacing became a problem. However, aircraft do not go to the radar controller if they stay in the pattern. When the tower controller mistakenly treats them as if they’re in the pattern, the result is confusion and possibly conflicts. You could have one departure 5NM from the field at a reasonable speed assigned by radar and the next one catching up to it from behind still on tower because we believed you’re doing pattern work.

So, when you are not doing pattern work, all you need to do is say: "Ready for Takeoff, Departing straight out/north/south/east/west. Hope this helps!


Spot on! In TS I expect this, but in ES, I don’t. Hopefully people will listen to this. It is much needed advice.


Seconded @Z-Tube. Not something you’d expect to see often (if ever) on the ES but the TS is a place for learning. Hopefully people take this into account

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great Reminder, bugs me everytime as controller when I plan the pattern and they suddenly depart the airspace after announcing remaining in the Pattern


I think it is time for IFATC to have a special command like “username 777, check user guide for assistance using pattern commands”. Having separate commands for all the pages will be ludicrous, but considering how prominent it is, I think it should be added


You would be surprised…

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So many approach controlers on ts spam you with the active airspace message when your flying circuits and obviously staying with Tower. Granted there isn’t a system for Tower to cordinate with approach to sequence circuit traffic and traffic being vectored by app

We use a system called Slack, separate runways, and/or ‘No pattern work allowed’. 🙃

Generally at the more busy airports, aircraft will be handed off to approach to be vecotred if the runway traffic is very high and is a last resort (with no pattern work allowed), other then that IFATC will generally deny aircraft that are attempting to go back around after taking off multiple times.


Yes, IFATC has a communication system. Usually tower keeps patterns and makes sure they don’t interfere with other arrivals. The communication also allows us to coordinate multiple radar frequencies and to organize ground communication when separate people are controlling tower, ground, and ATIS.

I think you mean “ready for departure” ;)

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Not on here we don’t :) he was talking about TS

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Yeah even in expert this happens… “expert”

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