Ready for a Flight in Real Life with a Real airplane

Hey all,
After tomorrow I will fly “Again” on Gulf Air A320s
Flight info
1st flight 25/Mar/2016
1100 DXB T1 Concourse D—> BAH 1215
Transit 40min (worried to be late on the other flight)
1255 BAH—> AMM 1750
Transit 8 Days
2nd Flight
Transit 2h40m
BAH—>DXB T1 Concourse D

And I will do another Flight with QR and it will be AUH-DOH-AMM-DOH-AUH
and I will stay for 42Days and I am looking to go with my dad to PHX and LAX and SFO in these 42 Days
Excited for all of these Flights
Happy Landings!


Is Dubai and Bahrain available in IF??

So I am Doing an IRL Flight

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I actually have no idea what you mean here… No wait, people replying are actually confused and confusing themselves… Lol you’re going to be on a real flight, is that right?

Yes @NatIsrael972

They confused themselves HAHAHA I was wondering how is a real flight related to an IF Live flight 😂

Enjoy your flight! Don´t forget to take photos.

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Nice change in the title hahahaha and yes have a great flight!!

Of Course I will

Be Smart, be like me
Enjoy your Day @Sturmovik & @NatIsrael972

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