Readjustment of Grade 1 to Grade 2 in Live

I have I really like all aspects of flying

I can say that atc controlling on the training server is annoying. While some new people are pretty good about following directions they don’t always do it right. But I have seen grade 2-3 pilots do it before! It drives me insane and they just aren’t patient. They will line up on 1 runway even if there are multiple runways and a lot of the times they will clip through each other to get to the runway and take off or land without permission. Wish I could just go to the advanced server.


Its called apply yourself. It’s call respect yourself and others. Go out and learn, read, ask questions, apply, apply, apply. I didn’t know diddly squat about a month and a half ago until I applied to for a VA and then found this community. I didn’t know what STARs, SIDS, NOTAMs were, that I could change my call sign, what a pattern was. Right base? Left Downwind??? Sequencing? What’s that? But I wanted to be better and know more. I asked questions, I read post, watched tutorials, researched online. I can’t tell you how much knowledge and experienced I’ve gained in just a little over a month. I applied for IFTSATC and am now controlling on TS1 trying to educate and make the experience better for all. I’m not perfect nor will I ever be. But I strive each time to be the best I can. My next goal is to become IFATC. When I was practing to become IFTSATC (and if you don’t know what that is, search for it - “you give a boy a fish you feed him for a day, you teach him how to fish, you feed him for life.”) I would put up a topic for all to come test me on my ATC skills at a certain airport for a couple hours. I’m now going to other who do the same thing to help them improve. I had NO idea I’d be doing that a few weeks ago. “No need to ask for my intentions after I told you I’d be staying in the pattern, just sequencing me if needed and/or clear me.” I had no idea what that mean a month ago.

Today we live in a world where everything is virtual, online, “not affecting anyone” because we cannot see them. But…

It does. Be respectful of others, follow the rules, learn the rules, ignore the ones who troll and have no regard for others as if they are not even there. Help others. Teach others. Strive for excellence. Show by example. It’s contagious. After all, it’s all we can do to be honest with ourselves, right? Make TS1 great.

See you out there in the skies!

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I was on short final into KNUC today and a Grade 4 pilot came in and cut the line. He attempted a touch and go whilst I was circa 2 NM out, turning to the runway heading and I almost had to do go-around. Very annoying and inconsiderate.
Nevertheless, the grade 3 is to prevent inexperienced pilots from entering Expert server. When I fly on expert I continue to learn new things about ATC every time!
As for boosting your level, I suggest pattern works. 3 landings, after which you regain speed to enter the pattern again, will put you up by around 700-800XP!

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