Reading Your Ground Logs

Hey guys- here’s a brief reminder about checking your ATC logs.

I was working some traffic at CLT on advanced just now, and a considerable amount of people couldn’t seem to differentiate between which runway was which.

When you’ve received instructions, it doesn’t hurt to keep checking your log from time to time to make sure that you’re taxiing to the right runway. It helps both the pilot and the controller in the long run by ensuring that you have the correct information- the time I have to spend trying to weave traffic around you and giving further give ways that would otherwise be unnecessary, impedes my ability to give clearances sooner and spend time doing more important things that require my attention.

Be safe, read your logs, and work with ATC to the best of your ability! As usual, feel free to PM or post if you have any questions.



I’d suggest preparing yourself with a ground chart… Haha

Excellent point Josh :D

If you taxi out to the wrong runway, yes, I would recommend that you use a ground chart the next time lol… Or do as he said and just check your ATC log to remind yourself.

Well some people are just poor in navigation or perhaps they’re rebels…

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