Reading the NEW Grade Table

I must be honest never thought I got 9 ghostings in 16 days. Never thoight I was yhat bad (Air France 114)

The best way, and the most tedious as it will take some time, is to go through your logbook, and write down the date you received the ghosting. When you have all of your ghostings noted determine which ones are still under 2 years/1year old and when they’ll drop off.

Thanks for getting back. This was a new account started on 27th June @DeerCrusher and my log only goes back one year. As I say I have 3 ghostings in that time.

Ps 27th June 2017 when new account started

Hi, I’m new here and to IF and I was just wondering what are Reports/Ghostings and violations and how do I go about with them in order to meet new grade requirements?

Everything you need to know about violations and ghostings can be found in the topics below!

Do not hesitate to ask if you have further questions! :)


My big question is how do you earn the most xp with this new system. I had to grind at an airport for a while just to hit grade 3. And I’m not looking forward to doing it for grade 4. My other question is there any perks to hitting grade 4?

To get lots of XP, do a lot of patterns

Grade 4, you get a green badge instead of a white one

See what’s funny is I did pattern work with many small airports and couldnt come close to amount of xp I gained from doing a figure 8 pattern at KNRC. I had grinded that airport to get my grade 3.

I dont know I think they should really adjust the xp. I already qualify for grade 4 once I hit grade 3. But I just dont have the required xp…

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The trick that will require some concentration and skill is to find an airport with strong winds. The higher the winds, the more bang for your buck while in the pattern. Choose a small aircraft (ie Cessna 208 or of something alike)

Use the below website to find the airports with the strongest winds being reported via METAR.

Note: Not all airports listed/found on this website will be available to you in Infinite Flight.

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Hi, Tyler_Efthim, I get a lot of XP when I do flights, esp. long distance flights. I hope that helps.

Thank you so much, Starley. Now I have a better understanding on these.

Edit: I have tried all that but I still didn’t get violations, etc.
A little help.

What you have highlighted is supposed to be zero. That means you are NOT recieved violations while flying, and that’s a good thing.

Look at the number above it. 25. It is in a different color meaning that is what is keeping you from being grade 2. You need 25 landings where you have 19.

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Oh okay, thank you much.

Edit: Wow, thank you. I’m grade 2 now. <3

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Erm…why do you want violations??? Just why?

He didn’t understand how it worked at first. Might be a good idea to read the following replies to that post ;)


Sorry, I didn’t understand the grade table very well and thought I had to attain the numbers under violations and reports so I can up-grade. However, thanks to the wonderful people and the tutorials, I have a much better understanding about everything now than I did. :) Have a nice day.

IMHO…your total ghostings and violations should still be listed somewhere on the main page like it was previously …unless you use a secondary tracker or helper app…it is still a little inconvenient to backtrack and total up over 200 pages to manually locate them !!!

For what reason though? I mean, the information that affects your grade is visible on the Grade table already. Having the total amounts would just be for fun, which i can totally understand some people want though :)

One reason is that even though l was “credited” with one ATC ghosting…probably for improper flying due to severe wifi lag …l still found over a dozen “reported” violations …so was that label used before when any three pilots could report another for some reason…and now that violation category is no longer applicable in the later versions…and what are the parameters for that now !!!