Reading the NEW Grade Table

Updated Grade Table

With the update that was pushed on May 18, version 18.2 comes with a new and improved look of the logbook. I have received a few messages from you folks regarding why you’re not a certain grade. Or why you bounced back a grade when you were a higher grade the day before.

One of the newer additions to the grade table now takes into account your ghostings (or Reports same thing) over a 1 year and 2 year period.

You’ll find a quick break down for the listed items for the grade table found below:

The column in white is what YOU currently have logged as a pilot.

The column in green on the far right are the requirements that you need to meet in order to rank up in grade.

  • Flight Time (Hours) - This is the total flight time you have accumulated.
  • Landings - This is the total number of recorded landings that you have.
  • XP - This number is calculated through landings and flight time. This does not represent skill.
  • Reports (24 hrs) - Total number of ghostings accumulated in the last 24 hrs.
  • Reports (7 days) - Total number of ghostings accumulated in the last 7 days.
  • Reports (1 year) - Total number of ghostings accumulated in the last 1 year.
  • Reports (2 years) - Total number of ghostings accumulated in the last 2 years.
  • Violations (24 hours) - Total number of violations in the last 24 hours
  • Violations (7 days) - Total number of violations in the last 7 days
  • Flight Time (Hours, 90 days) - Number of hours accumulated in the last 90 days
  • Landings (90 days) - Number of landings recorded in the last 90 days
  • Violation/Landing (12 Months) - This is your violation/landing ratio. You will take your total violation count and divide it by your total landing count. Your amount of landings & violations for the past 12 months are now also displayed in this field. For example:
    If you have a ratio of 0.50, it means you have twice as many landings as violations.
    If you have a ratio of 1.00, it means you have an equal amount of landings as you do violations.
    If you have a ratio of 1.50, it means you have twice as many violations as landings.

    You would want to keep your ratio as low as possible to reach higher grades.

What should I look for?

  • If you see any numbers that are orange in the green column, it means that there you are deficient or lacking that requirement.
    -If you refer back to the image above, you will see that the number 5 is orange in the row for Reports (2 years). If you look in the column right next to it, you will see that 7 ghostings were accumulated by that pilot in the 2 year period.
    -7 is greater than 5 and, therefore; that pilot is ineligible for the Grade 4 standing.

Helpful Tips

  • Report and Ghosting are/mean the same thing. They are no different. Two names, samething.

  • The closer you can get any of Report or Violation rows to 0, the better. You don’t want any reports or ghostings. But if you do happen to get any, try to keep the number on the lower end of the spectrum.

  • The closer you can get the Violations/Landing to 0 the better. This is what most folks will likely get stuck on. There are two solutions:

  1. Don’t get anymore violations during your flights, and make sure you land at least once in that session.

  2. Do a bunch of touch and goes (Patterns/Circuits) in a small plane. A small plane is more maneuverable, flies slower, and can complete more landings per 10 minutes than your larger airliner.


You know the drill. Drop them below. 👇🏼


Is there a way to see the requirements for the grade you are currently in? The grading chart before the update allowed us to see all the grade requirements, but now it only shows us the one above. I think it would be useful to be able to see the requirements for your current grade still so you know what you need to keep up.


The grade table link is at the top. How can I find my grade table?

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Dang DeerCrusher, you got Ghosted 8 times? 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻


I’m confused, aren’t the reports violations?

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No. (ATC) Reports are ghostings. Violations have their own rows.

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Touch and goes remove the reports

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Oh, That confused me so much, my VA was talking about it and I thought that was for violations. Thats a relief. In that case I only have 1 report.

Greg can you me. I received ghosting it appears for landing at KEGE. I landed with B757 which is allowed. Don’t understand the ghosting. I want to challenge it. Please direct me to someone TY

New Additions to the Infinite Flight Team Here’s a link to the most recent update on staff roles. But I wouldn’t worry about it too much because a system ghosting is only temporary. Check your log book to see the details. This is becoming a separate topic. If you want to discuss it further DM me or someone else :) @Leonard_Paulson

thank you using the link now

But that doesn’t tell you the requirements for your current grade.

You’re killing it with these Tutorials, seriously good job! 👏🏾

Look at the 4th image @Freddiefrogs it shows the grade table.

Yes, and there is a new grade table. The old one did show that, this one only shows what is seen in the image on this thread.

All of which will drop off this year. Most will drop off this July. Those were accumulated after taking a short break and learning there was this new thing called “Live” where we were ghosted for speeding. 😐

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That 1 report over limit is kindof annoying me lol

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Bumping this for a very good reason:

We’re seeing a lot of questions regarding the ratio part of the Grade table.

And as many of you have noticed;
Yes, it does affect your grade. But it does not however affect your server access in any way.
Instead of having two separate requirements for server access (first the grade and then the ratio) like we did before, we decided to merge the two. Much easier that way.

Some of you might also have noticed the effect of this jumped up a little a few days ago…
Well, that was our fault… a minor typo made a few of you have a ratio of 0.00 (even though you could have had a ratio above 2…) which was great for you of course… but. You know.

We hope you are all enjoying the new update!


I have 3 ghostings in past 12 months and 12 in past 2 years. This means 9 ghostings in the previous 12 months 2016/17 This means that on the 27th June
2018 when my new account is 12 months old I should loose all my ghostings apart from 3.??? Wil I get grade 5. Everything else is fine ( xp , landings, ratio violations etc

I must be honest never thought I got 9 ghostings in 16 days. Never thoight I was yhat bad (Air France 114)