Reading ATC schedule wrong

I always read ATC schedule map wrong. I takeoff today Monday, then later after 12 hours I land… I look at the map. Why no one is here? I look at the ATC schedule. Oh this is Tuesday location. Then Tuesday, I do not want to fly here again.

Other people also have this problem?

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Eh… no. Sorry?


The IFATC schedule changes regions at 0600Z which is the same as UTC. It is best to calculate your flight time and convert the time you are due to land your local time, to UTC. You will then know if you will land at the airport before or after region change.


This is the time it resets. Converts to your time zone.



I know but I am not saying that, I always land on the right time that day. But sometimes when I read the map on this website I read it wrong and I think today is Europe but real location is tomorrow is Europe

Then… you gotta read carefully…

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Yeah I don’t think there is much to say about that other than matching the day colors to the regions

Okay, the map is also colour coded per day as well, which should help and make it slightly clearer to differentiate between the different days.


I know normally I read the writing.
Example today I can see, Monday: ATC Choice
Tuesday: airport names

Now I see, read past the titles, etc, oh the first airport names are Europe, so that is the first day, today is Europe.

Then later I see oh Monday is ATC choice

Well there isn’t much that can really be done. It is layed out in a simple format that should be easy to read and if that is too difficult then it is colour coded as well.

They have the full airport names and also the ICAO codes per day as well. When it is ATC choice then it is in the corresponding coloured region on the map (unless specifically stated otherwise).


I think what you’re trying to get at is that you think ATC will be at most of the airports within the region. But if you look at the specific days under that map, you’ll see the specific airports which will have ATC coverage for that specific day.

If you’re having trouble trying to interpret the IFATC schedule on the IFC, you can always have a look at it on


i am just very careless reading

Ah okay, well then we can’t help you much on that haha. It’s up to you on how you can improve your reading skills. Just try putting in more time and attention to reading and hopefully that helps

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