Reading Airport Charts

Im very confused on how you read a SIDS/STARS chart. Thanks


Ok thanks.

For this approach, one of the most famous one (The River Visual into DCA), you can input the waypoints shown, like Daric and Greyz and then follow your flight plan, or just follow the river


Hey! I can help you. Could you give me an example chart you’d like to use so I can help you?

This is a very detailed rundown, you don’t need to understand everything:

There’s plenty on YouTube to help explain it to you :)

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DCA is my home airport im very familiar with that. But thanks

Just to add on to Noah’s comment some waypoints on a chart might have a number by them. For example maybe 9,000. This is the altitude you should be at at the waypoint. So if you want to follow the chart more realistically you could take a look at the altitudes.


@RitzRegis. MaxSez: Just Do a bit of research first is always your best option before you jot Cap. Google is your friend + there are bloviating no nothing snakes on this plane:


thank you this is helping so much!!!

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@RitzRegis, just SIDs and STARs, or do you need to learn about sectionals and TACs as well?

how you read and understand them.

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So, all of them? I’ll shoot you a PM.

I sorta know how to read them but not 100%

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