Reading Aircraft Data & Information Tags

Infinite Flight has many unique features that allow both pilots and controllers user friendly ways to identify an aircraft and what they’re doing. Data Tags and the Pilot Information Panel allow us to determine the intentions of an aircraft, who they are, what their speed, altitude, heading is, and even the procedures that they have filed in their flight plan. We all can use these pieces of information to our advantage to understand how to approach a user from a controller’s perspective while also having a game plan during those awesome formation flights as a pilot.

What’s covered: In this tutorial, there will be two main areas that we’ll be touching on

  • The Data Tag - A brief summary is only shown. User stats not shown here.
  • The Information Panel - A more detailed overview of the pilot, their aircraft and the flight plan that they have planned.

Data Tag

The data tag as mentioned is a brief overview of the pilot, what their aircraft parameters are and whether or not they’re active or away. This is a quick and easy way to determine what speed or altitude someone is flying if you are flying with a group of friends or in a group flight. It offers basic information for flight based on what someone else is doing.

Data Tag Images & Explanations

How do you view the data tag? To pull up the data tag of a pilot, simply tap on their aircraft. You should see the following black rectangular box above their aircraft on your map with the following information.

Item Meaning
1 N1DC Callsign
2 DeerCrusher IFC Linked Account
3 TBM-930 Aircraft Make/Model
4 5,400ft Altitude MSL (Mean Sea Level)
5 82˚M Magnetic Heading
6 0 GS Current Groundspeed
7 0 IAS Current Indicated Airspeed
8 ** Active User Active/Away State
9 Unknown IFC account not linked / User remaining anonymous
10 ** Away 2mn User Away for 2 minutes
Aircraft Tag Image & Explanations

How do you view the aircraft tag? The aircraft tag will be shown above all aircraft if you have this setting enabled. Settings -> Live -> Hide Airplane Names (select OFF) **Select ON if you wish to hide these tags

Item Meaning
1 [IFATC] Affiliated Virtual Organization
2 DeerCrusher Linked IFC Account
3 Shield Icon Moderator / Staff / Developer
4 TBM9 Aircraft Make / Model Designator
5 273kts Groundspeed Readout
6 23NM Distance in Nautical Miles from you
7 20000ft Altitude MSL (Mean Sea Level)

Data Tag Colors

On the Infinite Flight servers, we have various users of different grades and status’ flying around. In addition to the wording to the aircraft data tags, you will notice that some tags have different colors. Below is a quick guide to these colors that you may come across.

Color Grade/Status
White Grade 1 - 3
Green Grade 4
Cream/Tan Grade 5
Purple (badged) Moderators
Blue (badged) Staff
Red (badged) Developers

Information Panel

The Information Panel is a way for pilots and controllers to see even more information about a pilot and what their plans are for their session. This option provides more detail into one’s flight plan showing various waypoints and associated altitudes with those waypoints, pilot stats (hours, XP, landings, etc.) as well as their destination information.

Information Panel Images & Explanations

How do you view the Information Panel? After you have opened up the Data Tag for a pilot, simply tap on that tag and the information will open on the left hand side of your screen.

Item Meaning
1 Data Tag: Displays nearly the same information as the Data Tag as mentioned in the previous section above
2 User Information: Pilot account stats
3 Flight Plan: Detailed flight plan including waypoints with altitudes
4 Procedures: Loaded SIDs, STARs, Approaches will be found here if pilot filed
5 Destination: This will show if the pilot adds their destination airport as the last waypoint. Various distances and times can be found here telling you how far that pilot is away from their departure/destination airport
6 Virtual Organization: Virtual Organizations will be found under the User Information category as seen here
+ +100 +/- How far in thousands of feet an aircraft is from your current altitude (+100 = 10,000ft above you)

Important Items:

**Note: The Active/Away State indicates to both pilots and controllers whether there was recent activity detected from the tapped on user. Away state will occur automatically when 2 minutes have lapsed without user input.

Account Linking: For more information and instructions about linking your account please visit the User Profile section on the Infinite Flight Guide found here.

Show Username In-Flight: If you wish to have your IFC name as shown here on the forum, shown above your your aircraft in the Infinite Flight, make sure you have this box checked.

  • Settings -> Live -> Show Username In-Flight (select ON)

Setting Virtual Organization: On the IFC, go to your profile preferences. Click on Profile then scroll to the area where it says Virtual Organization. From the drop down select the organization you wish to fly with and then click Save at the bottom of the page. Restart your app and give it about 5 minutes for this change to take affect in the Infinite Flight app.


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Very helpful tutorial!

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