What are the expert server rules regarding readbacks?

In the real world transmissions can be garbled or go unheard for a number of reasons, but in IF there are no such issues. Should a pilot read back always, or is it better to skip this step on a busy frequency?

Read back always. It is important to know that the pilot acknowledges what they are supposed to do.


An issue like this arose a lot of confusion in the IFATC Slack a couple days ago. To keep it simple for all of us and making sure you’re getting our commands, please just read back. It makes our lives easier.


Do transmissions IRL actually go unheard sometimes??? I will be surprised if that’s true😦 but to answer the question(again)…if you don’t read back you will get ghosted if it’s a busy airspace, the controller will assume you are just inactive and that can create extra hassle moving traffic around you

Think about it like this, “if a fast food restaurant will read back your order to make sure… then pilots should always read back the order… 😊”

@Kryzlot Why would that surprise you? It is a radio transmission, those can be distorted or attenuated for any number of reasons…

There seems to be general agreement that in IF the right thing to do is read back the instruction, same as in the real world. Thanks for the clarification!


That makes sense, the surprise has been lost 😂 that is a very simple yet clarifying (also euphonic) way to ruin my surprise ☹️
But seriously though that is very true and I agree with you.

Of course garbled real world transmissions happen, but just as we don’t need people simulating bird strikes or engine failures or other real world things on Expert that may be fun for them but would just ruin everyone else’s experience, how about we just stick to filing realistic flight plans, learning how to read METARs instead of colors, gain situational awareness and other things that also exist in the real world but actually contribute to everyone’s enjoyment of the Expert server?


Asking me? Not sure what your point is, I was just asking for clarification (see my op)

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Yes, why care about unusual situation? I rarely heard pilots not reading back on Geneva Tower to be honest

@moderators This was already answered. Kindly close the thread before it goes off the rails.

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