[Read this before comment in the vote post] Let's make our discussion a more constructive one!

Guys, I’m not here to persuade people voting for which ac. Everyone got their vote, we all have the rights to speak out and contribute to our beloved community, aren’t we?

So after reading bunch of arguments from both sides regarding the vote, I just want to express my views towards the ones who just blindly copying others’ words and made the comment session into a mess or similarly to a war at the dinner table. (the point is that ppl don’t have actual evidence to support their argument and just bxxlsxixxxx)

Views on part of the 220 supporters

Stop saying the 220 offers an enhanced regional experience when comparing to the 333 :) It’s enough. Expand your data base pls!

I do understand that A220 is gonna play an important role in regional flights, & I do notice a bunch of ppl just simply argue 333 won’t enhance their domestic experience in IF so they argue 333 shouldn’t be chosen. In fact, our IFC not only combines AVgeeks from EU & AM but also Asia, Oceania, Africa.

TBH, if you’re focusing on enhanced experience in regional flights, 330 does the same work as 220. Take Asia again as an example, many 330s have been flown between cities & metropolis in Asia for decades. Though it’s a rare scene for a widebody to fly regional or even domestic flight, its a daily routine in Asia. Cathay & Dragonair serve their flight to Guangzhou/Xiamen/Kaosiung daily, these flights take only about an hour or even less but theres still no. of flights operating on a daily basis w 333s. Singapore has been flying their 359 to Kuala Lumpur. JAL & ANA used to fly their 744D on their domestic routes, and now they swapped to 773s & 359. The Jumbos had been serving Osaka Itami & Heneda for years before. Widebodies do regional flights & its a common scene in several continents!

Hence, the busiest route before covid was HKG-TPE and there’s a flight every 15 mins, however, more than 90% of them are served by widebodies, 77W, 359. 333, 78X, you name it, the flight just take less than 90mins! As a result, if you’re saying that regional routes are not for the 330, you’re wrong, you’re just focusing in EU & AM, but not in a global context.

Views on part of the 330 supporters

Yeah, I know, you want to say 220 has few operators and therefore 333 should go first? It’s not convincing at all!

Little operators, so what? You can’t just simply tell others to support your view by such kind of ARGUMENT. Come on :(

Everyone have their beloved livery, you see Air-Baltic fans? They’ve been waited for ages for their beloved carrier to have another ac added to IF, you can’t just persuade people to support your own preference by such a subjective views!

The raptors just have one single livery, wouldn’t you tell our devs to delete it?! Guys…


No matter which ac you’re going to persuade our IFC fellows to vote. Just don’t take regional experiences or less variety of choices as reasons. This is not persuasive at all & even your argument doesn’t stand!

Broaden your horizons, expand your knowledge, discover more things about aviation, the thing you love the most (besides family), familiarize yourself with a broader range of conceptions! Be a rational person!

Anyway, enjoy your flight in IF. Safe landings, cheers. Let’s make our discussion a more constructive one :)


We’ll see who wins. 😉

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I am in total agreement with you! When the first round was opened, one of the criteria for posting was that A) you only get one, and B) it needs to be constructive and well-thought out. With the amount of people simply replying for the sake of screaming


it really brought down the overall bar in the conversation. And it sadly kept continuing in the second round. A smaller than desired amount of people actually read everything before posting, and it showed.

Let your vote count for you if all you are going to do is mindlessly yell out the aircraft, and leave the comments clear of all the clutter, so that those undecided have an easier time reading the true arguments for/against each aircraft to help them decide their own vote.

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The most important thing really is, both are Airbuses 😁


I really don’t care who wins. All I know is that the devs are going to do a great job nonetheless. Also, if your pick didn’t win, it is certainly coming in the future!

The A330 is a Class E aircraft, A220 is a Class C aircraft. This is a completely ridiculous statement.

Edit: The ICAO class is one of the indicators used to determine if the aircraft will meet an airport’s size restrictions. Being a Class E aircraft you won’t be able to land and park at anywhere close to the same amount of airports. Only big Bravo airports for you, which means there will be a less diverse choice of airports for the ATC schedule and you can’t visit the more interesting smaller airports.


Indeed, but how do you define regional? HK to Guangzhou is just 129km. Swiss do fly their 220 as regional (EU) flights.

My reasons for voting A220:

  • Extremely popular aircraft in the market today, operated by so many unique airlines.
  • Allows people to fly into more unique places.
  • A220 looks so damn good 😍
  • A330 has already had a rework, and the argument of “iTs PrObAbLy ThE wOrSt AiRcRaFt In InFiNiTe FlIgHt RiGhT nOw!!” Is nowhere near true. I can name so many aircraft that are in a worse condition:
    The most obvious is the beautiful C17
    A) A340-600
    B) A380
    C) 717
    D) 747 (Cockpit is however slightly better than A330, just physics are bad, no wingflex)
    E) 767
    F) Spitfire
    G) E-jets
    The list goes on…

The only bad thing about the A330’s condition right now is it’s cockpit, but atleast it has one (cough C17)

The past 3 updates have featured widebodies

Newer type of aircraft = unique IFATC schedules and FNF’s.

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I think at the end of the day, you should vote for what you want. Anyone trying to convince you otherwise should sod off and stop. The a330 and a220 are both desirable aircraft, make the decision on your own. Once again this is turning into a “no it can’t do that, vote for this” kind of thread.

Can’t believe I’m saying this yet again.

Come to your own decisions, your own conviction. Don’t rely on a single other person to make that choice for you.


The best advise is to do your own homework and come to a decision based on what each bring to your flight experience. You can discuss these in their respective threads. I don’t think we need yet another “why I voted for who” topic.