Read this (all pilots)

This may seem like a obsolete post, and it may be but I just took about an hour to read through this user guide (the new version), and I learned so much!! The layout is perfect and the videos are in the correct spots, it’s just amazingly put together. Obviously it’s available to the entire community and some people may say this post is useless but I just wanted to share my experience so hopefully more people will take the time to read this. It answers so many questions and it honestly eliminates the need for a good 30% of the threads posted on here (I am very guilty of that haha) . It goes through everything from when you hit “Start Flight”, to when you touch down. Please take the time to read this, I hope it inspires professionalism and I’m excited to see more realistic procedures and pilots in the near future!

BTW, Thank you to the Infinite Flight Team!


Definitely a good idea to for everyone to give it a read


Hey thanks for creating this thread… As it will let other pilots to go through it… And I did go through the page and it was very helpful!!


Completely agree, it comes in useful to many pilots who may be uncertain on a few procedures!

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I agree - I spent some time reading through this and I learnt a few new things…can’t wait to see all the new articles that come with 20.1


All people need to read that. I did and it helped me so much.

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That’s super helpful, thanks!

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