"read only mode sight"

What does this mean? The blue line at the top of the photo? I can still like and comment and do everything like normal.


It left so I’m not worried. I’d just like to know why it showed up

No clue my friend, wish I could help you.

I have it too

This happens every once in a while. The site is put into read only mode to perform maintenance tasks like backing up the site, applying Discourse updates, and so forth.

Not sure why we can still interact when it’s in read only though…


That’s a little strange isn’t it? Is that something to try and keep people from posting rather than an actual interaction lock?

Nope, we’ve had it lock everything in the past. Probably a bug then.

Fair, gotta call up discourse then. Either a maintenance event is not being done when someone is trying to trigger one, or there is a bug displaying the message. Both bad things.

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