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I just experienced read mode. It looked like your were half way banned, you could like, comment, make topic, etc. but you could read. Did anyone else go through this? It happened at about 1710Z (4/30/16).


I saw that too when we were at Tampa.

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I reckon they’re testing Discourse features. Don’t worry, we can count on our brilliant moderators.

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Oh great! It wasn’t just me.

This was due to an update to Discourse (the software this forum runs on). It’s a way of letting you guys still come and be able to use the site whilst it does some crucial maintenance tasks.

It’s either that message for a few mins, or a “this site is closed for maintenance” message, or the site just not loading at all :)


nice of them to tell us


What is possible for you to know when it would happen ahead of time or was it a surprise to all?

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Updates come when they come. We aren’t going to tell you a week in advanced that an update might happen, simply because we don’t know - it’s the same response for “when’s the update coming” for IF :)

It only lasts 10-20 mins tops anyway.


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