"Read Community Guidelines" Badge

Hey guys,

So you may know that there is a badge called "Read Community Guidelines’,
which is a badge showes that you read the Community Guidelines here About - Infinite Flight Community
However, getting this badge doesnt mean you become better and higher…etc, this badge shows to the mods that you read the guidelines, and if you break them, you are to the ban island, that badge would give you a big responsibility of yourself for staying safe, so please dont go to the Guidelines for the sake of the badge, if you really want to get that badge “that you deserve it” please read it whole, understand it and Do what it says there, as i said its not only a badge, its responsibility on your shoulders, a badge wont make you that important.
Note:- please also read carefully the Terms of Services here:- Terms of Service - Infinite Flight Community

Thank you guys!


Do we really need a full topic for this?


Yes, to make people understand that this community is not just a game


The only reason i now have the badge is because you linked it. A bit of the opposite effect that you intended eh?


I read the guildelines before I joined.

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We have a pinned topic on forum workings.