Reaction on the IPhone X support (tweet from Laura)

Hello ! Just reacting to Laura’s tweet (@lauraviatrix), she told that the update was ready and that it’s not out just because of the IPhone X. Isn’t it better for FDS to send the update and then push a fix for the IPhone X once it’s ready. I think that most people using Infinite Flight do not have the IPhone X and it’s a shame to make them wait for something they won’t benefit. I don’t know how easy it’s to push a fix because I am not a dev but making tens of thousands of people wait because of hundreds (I don’t know the total number of people owning the X and playing IF but I guess not that much) persons is not an amazing idea imo.

tell me what you think about this


Now if you had an iPhone X, you wouldn’t have made this post.

It just wouldn’t be fair.


Well I think that it’s not great for business and not fair too to hold an update because of a few people. Maybe they can send a fix 2 weeks after or so. And the game is still (hardly) playable but still

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We’re not holding the update back because of a few people - as always, we want to deliver the best product we possible can, and we’re not prepared to ship an update that does not include support for a platform’s flagship device. Thank you for your patience, it won’t take much longer!