Reaching to grade 5

Hello everyone
I am about to reach grade 5. Any special instructions for me? And please tell me what’s the major difference between grade 4 and grade 5?


It’s Not much really just a higher grade

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The only major difference is the name tag coulor. Grade 4 is green and Grade 5 is gold


First off congrats on almost reaching grade 5. That’s a massive accomplishment.

As @Canadian_Aviator said there really is not much of a difference. The colors of the display names are different and you typically get more respect. Here is a topic that explains the colors and what the mean.

As of 20.2 the color for Grade 4 is green while the color for Grade 5 is Cream/Tan. Here is where it says that.

Other than that really nothing different. Might get a few more people watching you land and take off though.

Also here is something you can look forward to as mentioned by @Ecoops123.

Have fun flying with the Grade 5 tag above your plane.


Congratulations on nearly reaching Grade 5 bud, heck of an achievement. Takes a dedicated user to get that reddish colour tag! Welcome to the Club! 😎

In terms of what you are owed for reaching such a fantastic achievement, just some of the gifts are listed below!

  • Some Swiss Chocolate courtesy of Marc!
  • A Unicorn Portrait designed by Misha himself!
  • Schyllberg owes you a Death Star Set!
  • And Laura, a free dev copy of Infinite Flight!

Of course all of the above are a joke, all Grade 5 means is the respect of all those around you! Keep flying bud, hope to see you around the virtual skies, once again huge round of applause, looking forward to seeing that sparkling tag in the sky!

Although Misha if that Unicorn Portrait is still up for grabs I will gladly accept 😜


Thank u so much

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The club is great we have cookies and squash

Grades mean nothing after 3…


Congratulations! Grade 5 is no easy feat.

That sounds like the sort of thing someone who is Grade 3 would say…

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This is what I call a flex

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What’s the difference between 3, 4 and 5? Nothing

The link below is a post that I put earlier in this topic. I explains the differences between 4 and 5. Grade 3 is a white tag then you become Green and finally Cream/Tan.

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