Reaching SAS Eurobonus Silver

Hi community👋

Airline privilege programs aren’t often discussed here, but I want to tell you about me soon reaching Eurobonus Silver.

So it all started back in January this year, when I was finally old enough to get my own Eurobonus card, and soon I’ve flown enough to upgrade it from Member to Silver.

So my first flight this year, where I actually got points were in July. Back then I was quite intrigued by even having the member card. I flew four flights then, my trip report of that trip ishere

After that trip I had 4 flights, and now in October, I’ll fly 6 times (which I did not expect).

So when will I be flying?
Firstly I’m going to Stavanger, two flights, then to Oslo, staying there a couple of days and then fly home.

That is only 4 flights, well, my two last flights aren’t more interesting though, as I’ll fly Tromsø-Oslo and back, but it’s still enough for me to reach silver status

I’ve been in a few lounges, and I can’t wait to visit more

I’m so happy to soon reach this achievement and I’ll happily share my stories with you


Onya mate, well done. Go get all the free food you want from the lounges. You deserve it!

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I myself hold 4 airline privilege programme cards myself!

  • KrisFlyer (Singapore Airlines)
  • Flying Blue (KLM)
  • QMiles (Qatar Airways)
  • MarcoPolo Club (Cathay Pacific)

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