Reaching Regular TL [TL3]

Hey guys…

I need help on this… I have been extremely active on the IFC. I keep replying, posting, liking, etc.
When will i be TL3? Do you get TL3 from being also a kind, contributing person?

I have so many questions smh


Keep liking, commenting, posting:

It may take a time…


I’ve already seen that (:


See, as long as you’re not getting suspended, you can enjoy the community. Doesn’t matter if you’re TL2 or TL3. Of course, TL3 is a nice rank. But it’s just that. A rank. You’re not going to write better comments because of it. :)

I’ve been here for more than 3 years and I’m still on TL2. Doesn’t matter. I just enjoy to read everything and write my thoughts about it in the comments. I’d do the same if I were at TL3, so why bother?


I just want to access the lounge lol

It still an oof, as i have been suspended once

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It’s not about being active it’s about being productive. For example, If you were to make duplicate/useless topics, they get zero likes and get closed. Whereas if you make productive topics, you help others, thus being a role model, which is the soul purpose of Regular.

Topics isn’t the only requirement tho. If you see a new user having trouble, don’t get mad, help them out. You were in their shoes once (we all were).

So in the end, you could be on here 24/7, but if you don’t act with a certain level of decency and maturity, you won’t get to TL3. Being helpful and productive is the way to go.

Hope this helps! :)


I didnt know there was a lounge for regulars🤔


If that’s the only reason you want it, you won’t be Regular for long for this reason…