Reaching Out

Hi guys I’m new to the IF forum. What is the best way to reach out to ppl to join a flight with me. Thxs


My PM box is always open :)

I love flying, and if you need any help, I’ve been here for 2+ years :)

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You can create topics in the #live:groupflights section or join a virtual airline/organization!

You can check out the #live:va section if your interested.


Welcome to the community @RitzRegis, @Dylan_M hits the nail on the head with Virtual Airlines/Organizations.

When I joined the IFC, it was like being an ant in a giant world! I joined a VA, and several others since, and it has really helped me connect with others from around the world! Many VA’s do flights daily, with group flights all around.

A list of all of the Virtual Airlines and Orgs here on the Infinite Flight Community can be found here


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