Reaching Grade 3!

Today, I say to myself I would reach Grade 3 Today and eventually, That was accomplished

My last 3 landings were at Edwards AFB

My 98th landing

My 99th landing

My 100TH landing!!!

Thanks to @nOthing2seehere, @Usalypd and @Fourthnebula919 for giving me tips to reach Grade 3 That is great appreciated!

I also read the rules of Expert Server ATIS


Congrats dude

Thanks man

hah what funny is i got to tl2 today too

Ah congrats now you can make events

yup and add feature requests

Maybe I will reach TL2 in February or March

yup i think it was i replyed to one of your posts and boom TL2

Congrats! Well done :)


Well done, congrats!


Thank you everyone :)

Big accomplishment. Great job! 👍🏼

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Nice post! I did the exact same thing at edwards AFB landing a couple of times to get into grade 3

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Amazing achievement, your welcome for the help!

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Congrats! I have to wait until March 26th to get my grade 3 back since I had too many violations.

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Congrats! 🥳

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Hey congrats and happy landings ahead in the expert server😃

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You are definetly a man of culture! ;)

Congratulations. Enjoy expert server! Here is for many more achivements!

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Cool! That’s awesome! Also what plane is that lol

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Congrats lol. Welcome to Expert!

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