Reaching grade 2

Guys I need your help I’m trying rlly hard to get to grade 2 I just can’t get to it. Can anyone help me

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Just get some landings in and you should be good. If it’s a flight time requirement that’s holding you back, do a half hour flight and repeat if needed. If you need XP, patterns should do the trick. :)

Well why not? There are quite a few requirements to meet, is it XP? Landings? Violations?

If you’re like me, and only play on one device, then I can understand if you’re struggling to get XP. I need my device throughout the day for work or whatever, so when I leave the game even for a minute, everything is completely lost, so I’m unable to take part in long flights.

I do however, just let my plane go for at least 2-3 hours when I’m bored and have nothing to do. This should get you a good amount of XP.

Doing touch and goes is also another good way. The landing doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be a standard landing which means having a landing set up, speed, flaps, actually touching down on the runway, etc. After you touchdown, immediately take back off when you increase your speed again.

I suggest using a smaller plane for this, they’re far easier to maneuver as opposed to a 737 or A320.

If you’re looking for XP, go to KNRC (Nasa crows) as it can get you a lot of XP (experience points) in ten minutes (10m), it’s advised you get center-line landings/touch & go’s for XP and follow proper procedures (flaps, speed, landing gear, spoilers, etc) in a Cessna Citation X. Otherwise, you can follow the advise from the rest of the people who commented/replied to this topic.

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It would be easier to assist you if you would show us your grade table. Also there are many, many threads on similar issues here in the forum, so use the search bar!


Click on grade. This will open a sub menu where you will see different requirements to meet grade 2. You need 25 landings or something like that and and so many hours. Do a few short, medium haul flights and you will gain experience and you will be on your way.

Thanks I went to the airport you suggested and it worked thanks for your help

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