Reached maximum number of likes

This is a thing?


Yep it is. You get more as your TL goes up.


How many like do I have? I’m TL2

Not sure on that one. Someone else might know that.

@DeerCrusher do you know?

Don’t worry it’s not just you! Many of us members and possibly regulars have this issue! We just love shearing our love around!

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Just give your like to the posts that you really like and are high quality, not just posts that you see along the way

That way, you can save your likes to the posts that really count and deserve them

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Really really descriptive title for a topic. I congratulate you.

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I think the max number of likes for a TL2 user is 75, someone correct me if I am wrong.

Yes, the limit is a thing. I don’t know what the limit is. I wouldn’t worry about the limit too much.


The how much would it be for TL3? I’ve searched around on older posts from 2015 and 2016 hinting at something like 100 likes for us Regulars? If the 100 likes for us TL3 is correct and hold true then maybe 75 for TL2 may be correct as well, doesn’t sound much farfetch’d… Though those numbers might’ve changed over time. Saw somewhere quite a while ago that we TL3 have 50 likes to spend… so TL2 would then have less than 50.

Also the fact that there is a limit to how many times you an edit a post was new to both me and @DeerCrusher last year when I was full-throttling on the editing of the IFC Music List… So there are more limitations that we are not aware of.

Another thing, just throwing it out there, that I noticed last year (Which I notified to Deer and Seb about), was that is that a post may not contain more than 32000 characters, that’s another limit that is for everyone on IFC regardless of TL :)


I would put a like for all of you lovely peeps if I had one.

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As a TL2 user you are limited to 50 likes per day. You may correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

Also don’t like your own post for sure lol

You can’t like your own.

That sounds about right.

Also, the max number of characters for your profile biography is 3,000.


Tested it myself last year, got really confused why I couldn’t go why further. Had Seb confirming the limit is at 32000 characters, also that 3000 is max in your Bio, I had no idea about it, thanks for sharing the info :)

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