Reached grade 5

Happy to say that I finally reached grade 5 , love this simulator and this community



Thanks, long road well worth it.

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welcome to the club, great achievement, dedication is real🫱🏽‍🫲🏾


Congratulations! So… what do we do now?

Congrats I am grade 5 as well although I got a level 1 vio today so I am grade 3 now :(

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Keep your landings at least two a day to maintain 180 landings on your 90 day category and follow all protocols

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Great job buddy. It’s a massive accomplishment and the community it really happy for you. I wish you luck for more
Milestones to come!

Congratulations on Grade 5️⃣! I know it was a long time coming. I’m close to Grade 4; I aspire to be like you. Keep flying! 🥳🎉

Congrats on this great achivement! :heart:

embed fail bruh

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