Reached Grade 3!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, after completing a flight from KATL to CYOW I have officially graduated to Grade 3!! I look forward to many future flights on the Expert Server!


Congrats on such achievement!! You will se how realistic flying on the Expert Server is - most of the times! 😝


Thank you! I’m gonna grab some dinner, and then load a flight! I’m thinking Singapore to Beijing. I haven’t flown in Asia yet, so I think it would be a cool one to do!


Glad to hear that you are to the Expert Server!
Here are some tips.
Always Obey ATC (Trust Me they know what they are doing.) They are the best!
Hope to see you with us on the Expert Server soon!


Thanks for the tips! I know that’s it’s pretty common for new people to get a bunch of violations right off the bat. I hope to not be that guy.

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True, but all you need to do is: read the user guide before your first expert server flight (study it quite a bit) and listen to ATC. My first flight was completely fine because I read the user guide and listened to ATC. If you at least listen to ATC instructions, you’ll definitely be fine.

Always send the controller a pm (not create a topic) if your unsure about something that happened when you were in there control. It saved me from a level 2 violation because I was new and left center to check atis and as a result didn’t see the message I was sent while I was gone. It’s helped me with a lot of misunderstandings and helped me to learn for future flights

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congrats! I’m about halfway to Grade 4.
Flying in expert is all the difference, to me, but beware of active ATC and violations :P

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Congrats, looking forward to catching you on frequency!

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