Reached Grade 3 and then Reported... same day!

After much efforts I happily qualify for Grade3…

Great, I can move to Expert Server…

Let’s choose an airport with ATC… Mumbai, India

Takeoff uneventful, but my Approach final intercept angle was too great (120 degrees).

ATC cleared me to follow aircraft on final (that just passed below me), which I stupidly “Rogered”!!

Recognising the poor angle I performed a “teardrop” over the ADF and captured the ILS…

Only to be Reported!!!

Back to Grade 2 for a week!!

Learning: learn to say “Unable”, practice traffic patterns, and follow ATC instructions to the letter.

Really lots of fun :)


Congrats on Making it to Expert, Want to Stay There? Follow these Notes Follow these tips :)


Unable will not be accepted unless you have a valid reason. Please see the link above, this will help.

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But, thank you for not moaning about your ghost! It’s great to see someone wanting to learn, realising what they did wrong!


Mistakes were made, lessons were learnt, all parts of becoming a better pilot ;)


If you’d like to appeal the report, you can let us know of the controller and we can connect you with them.


Well, very few people here never got ghosted. We all learn! 😉

Sometimes I get scared when they warn us about getting ghosted, I usually try to follow their instructions as best as possible. The 2nd time flying on expert server, I bailed out of my flight because the controller was getting mad at me. I was scared before.

one word i can feel, OOF

wait, someone made a ghosting topic and didn’t go on for 4038392983 hours on why it’s false and shoul be removed, and instead noticed his issue and how to improve??? am i dreaming?? 🤯


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