Reach 40500 with the 747 SCA

Show pictures, of course it’s noticeable that you reached that altitude by the opening telescope.

Use AGL and pictures for proof.


Why would you want to go to Mach 1.34 😂😂😂

I’ve gotten here before. Easy way to get time

Is it just me, or does the SOFIA look shorter than the other 747’s?

It’s a 747SP. Which was a longer range variant but shorter fuselage

No altitude proof in your pic !

So it’s just the type.

I’ve managed to get the SOFIA to 46000ft. Any higher and you’d be asking for trouble lol

Its literally full throttle at that altitude to maintain your like -200fpm xD

The door wouldn’t be open if he wasn’t above 40k

Hang on, it says 747-SCA, which is the shuttle carrier. But people are uploading pics of the 747-SOFIA!

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