Re subscriptions

Hi . I’m having trouble logging onto IF global. I’ve just paid 1 years subscription .I’ve logged off then back on .clicked on already have a suscription. It shows I have 1 but can’t proceed any further. It also shows call sign the hours I’ve done etc etc but just won’t let me go any further.

A screenshot of the exact message you are getting would help. Could you provide this?

Yep done that twice. Didn’t work

What about now? Is it working?

Have you tired restarting your phone, clearing your cache or uninstall IF ?

Please provide a screen shot, that has already been requested, of what you are seeing and referring to. Otherwise we are all just guessing. We don’t know what you mean by “go any further”.


After you press on subscribe, there should be an option for “I already have a subscription”. Press that and it should sync it up.

hi yes i have tried that to, if i click on it ,comes up with contacting server… after a few minutes sends me back to subscribe now ,then you already have a subscription,

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What is your display name and callsign?

Ensure you also do a quick reinstall of Infinite Flight as well.

Kiwi guy and shane a

Which name is which?

Call sign kiwi guy. Shane a log on name

Any luck on my issue as yet

What was your display name? & your callsign is like “Delta 371 Heavy” unless you made it custom w/ General Aviation.

no kiwi guy is my call sign and the name was shane

still havent got any luck with my global pro subscription as yet

Have you tried to reinstall as Tyler suggested previously?

yes done that and cleared the cache,it will work on solo though,just not on global

And you have updated to the latest version that came out just a few days ago?