Re-register Southwest Airlines "Canyon Blue" 737-700


The Livery and aircraft I fly the most is the Southwest Canyon blue livery on the 737-700. The registration N932WN has been repainted into the standard heart livery. That is why i am proposing to change the registration to N7749B. N7749B is a 737-7BD with non splits. It was delivered to airTran in 2009 and later delivered to Southwest in 2014.
More info on Southwest:

More info on N7749B

If this violates the rules please pm me

Also I understand the 737-700 is old so it will probably not happen but it still matters

N7730A was repainted but N7749B has not yet been

Don’t think this violates rules but I doubt they’ll change it since it’s something so minor.

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I was about to say the same thing

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Literally doesn’t matter, IF have planes with registrations that have been changed, they have liveries that don’t exist anymore (some that haven’t existed in the first place) so I doubt they’d change the registration.