[Re-open] ATC rating

ATC Advanced server recruitment

It’s been sometime since they closed the rating and collection of ATC for advanced server.
At this point, I see a large shortage of ATC on the advanced server and some talented ATC on the normal ATC playground. Even for a few weeks or months, Infinite flight could re-open ATC rating system.

  • It would increase popularity on the Advanced server
  • Lets new talented ATC users ️JOIN the Advanced server

Please remember to like this post if you think ATC rating should return to IF!


Ratings would be misused by people who don’t like the controllers commands even thought the commands are correct. It didn’t work before and chances are it won’t work again.


Any ideas for a new system then? Users need a chance to get in.

Advanced ATC are looking on the playground for good ATC all the time. If the playground ATC are good then they will be noticed.

Good to know matey thx for that. It’s just good to know that people have a chance to be ATC on the advanced.

Yep, just control to the best of your ability and you will be noticed eventually.

It is so easy to reduce/increase a rating in both servers by unfair means. But a 5 star doesn’t mean a good controller and a 1 star doesn’t mean a bad controller either.

That’s exactly right.

Very interesting

Please don’t take ALL of them to advanced. Unless you want playground to become free flight server 2

Thought it already was Free flight 2,

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A general feedback comment would be great!

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