Re-Install Aircraft

Hey everyone,

Quite frequently I’ve been getting this bug that exits me out of the game and makes me re-install the aircraft I picked.

How to Reproduce:

  1. Open up IF
  2. Select Live, Advanced server, 737-BBJ, and region. (This has happened to me in several regions)
  3. Press Fly

This exits me out of the game, and when I open it back up it says I need to re-install the aircraft.

Additional Info:

  • iPhone 6
  • iOS 9.0.2
  • IF Version
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this happens to me a lot. even on playground, it says download, correct?

iPhone 6+
IOS 9.0.2
Newest IF version lol

Yep, it does.

Never seen it, but with my internet I’ll pass on the reproduce.

This doesn’t happen to me…

iPhone 5S
iOS 9.0.2
Latest IF version

it happens to me sometimes on any region or any aircraft

I got the same bug, but in a 777 now.

This happens to me to sometimes.
IOS 9.0.2
Latest IF version

I remember having this issue a long while back, a “sort-of” solution was added. Basically, the packages can’t be loaded (they could be corrupt for any reason); the app crashes, but they’re deleted so you can redownload them instead of having to reinstall the app to redownload them.

Make sure you download aircraft and regions on a decent internet connection, if it continues to happen then there’s a bug there :)

I’ve always used my internet connection at home. I’ve never downloaded any of the packages on any other connection other than that.

I’m getting this more and more often now. It now also requires me to install multiple different aircraft at a time, not just one.