RE: Game crash after contacting SoCal approach.

I have already posted about this and that topic was closed. I was asked by Mark to make another post regarding what happened. I request for vectors to KNUC from approach. When I get the notification in my headset to confirm my game crashes. For more details you can read my first post. Since then I have updated to iOS 10.3.1 and I have done other things as well. At this point I think it is a bug because it has happened to me many times.
Thanks :)
Device specs:
128 gb iPad Pro 9.7in w/ 2gb of ram.


Ive invited you to a PM with just you me and a dev, since we are both having the sam problem. πŸ™‚


For anyone commenting, please only comment if you experience the same or a similar issue, particularly when contacting KNUC (SoCal region) Approach. Provide steps to reproduce, device, and any other details that could help. Thanks!


Hello everyone

Same problem for me…
It happened several time but to be precise, the last one was with KNUC APP.
IF crashed as soon as I acknowledge the ATC instructions.
have a great day, DUDAIR.

Device : IPad mini 2, iOS 8.4.1

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