Re-enabling certain ATC commands on TS

It would be better for TS if ATC there have access to commands like “Please follow instructions!” and “Please check forums regarding ATC assistance.” or something like that. I know the commands were removed due to people abusing them. So, instead of putting back the same message “Please follow instructions or you’ll be ghosted”, let’s change it to “Please follow instructions!”. The exclamation mark should be added to emphasise the seriousness of the ATC and the consequences of a possible collision if the pilot doesn’t adhere to its instructions. This is from a non-ATC troller point of perspective.

What about trolling and abusing the commands then? What if ATC were to purposely vector a pilot into a mountain and spam “Please follow instructions!”. Well in that case, the pilot can either screenshot the ATC usermame and report to mods for spamming or they can simply ignore ATC. I mean after all it’s still TS and there’re bound to be ATC trolls right? But with the two commands added, pilots and future pilots who’ll be playing in TS will better understand that the purpose of ATC is to control traffic both on ground and in the air so the pilots would have to cooperate to ensure a safe flying environment for all. Let’s not focus on the negative part like ATC trolling and try to see it more of the positive side these commands could better regulate TS.

I like the idea behind this request, but I think this counts as multiple requests in one topic, which is not allowed.

Also, don’t forget to vote for your own request!

Is it? You mean that adding two commands are multiple requests?

I can’t, I’m out of votes.

Please read the entire post, I have already stated the reason why it was removed and recommended tweaks and actions to combat issues stated in the link you sent.

I know, I just wanted to show that your request probably won’t make any difference.

Also: if you want quality ATC and professional pilots. Consider joining IFATC, training server is for people to train and yes; there are trollers sometimes. But that’s why we have the expert server.

There are some good alternatives for the missing ‘please follow instructions’. See here:

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Removed a vote for this. I was just thinking about putting my own feature request in to have the phrases such as “Please follow instructions” and “Refer to forums” that had been previously removed from TS1, tweaked and re-added to the server. It is infuriating being unable to give these commands when someone is selectively following ATC commands (by which I mean, only following the commands that suit them, and not the commands which vector them away from their chosen runway).

I think it’s important to highlight that fact that these forums have a wealth of knowledge about ATC operations to a pilot at the time of the deviation from the command.

Equally, from an educational point of view, it is also important to highlight the fact that the pilot is actually doing something wrong. These commands highlight that.