Re-doing my first ever screenshots in IFC!

It’s almost one year since my first topics in #screenshots-and-videos got posted, and perhaps i thought that i should make another one at this day.

Server: Solo
Route: Non-existent
Flight Time: Too fast

Just a small re-enactment of my PAL A350 screenshot from a year ago with some twist!

Re-done the approach phase on my Air New Zealand flight

Believe it or not, it’s a steep angle.


i didn’t know spaceX bought a 777

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Elon didn’t announce it, the man did a true sneak move.

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Awesome stuff!

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Nah, this is the Boeing Starliner


i get you redid your first photos but what i dont get is THESEE WERE YOUR FIRST PHOTOS?

Not Exactly... ÷|

A Nice 7 Hr flight on A350

Love the work done here! 😍


Well looks like i have some editing to do😂

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Those were one of my first ever photos that i posted here in #screenshots-and-videos.

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THEY WERE?!suprisingly goood

Well it’s got a much higher mission success rate than the starliner so even if it’s mission is less cool that’s still an improvement from 0% 😂