Re-Designing the liveries of major Iranian airlines

As my redesigns are getting good responses, why not do some more?

Iran Aseman Airlines Airbus A340-300

Mahan Air Airbus A340-300

Iran Air Airbus A350-1000 (Livery suggested by @Solgen)

Iran Air livery suggested by:
@Solgen on B737MAX8 on this topic.
Templates by:
Applying paint jobs by:


These look really nice. Particularly the Mahan one.

Yeah. I definitely agree.

They all look great!

Sorry @Maxmustang, in the I.R.I this logo is not good to use and may end me up in prison even. Please for my (and possibly your) safety, delete the post. Thanks!

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Noted @anon45516261. Had no intent to cause harm. Understand your concern. Post deleted. Regrets, Max

Thanks @Maxmustang

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Could you try El Al?

I like the Iran Air one, but maybe remove the logo on the engine and it would look much better.

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