(RE-ARRANGED). Qantas Virtual’s Texas Day Event! @ KDFW - 192100ZMAR18

Server: Training
Flight: KDFW to KMEM
Flight time: 1 hour 16 min
Date: 3/19/2018
Time: 2100Z or 5:00pm Eastern Time
Aircraft : Qantas A380 or Qantas B747

NOTAM: Come join Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline as we take our Airbus A380’s and the mighty Boeing 747’s the queens of the sky for a afternoon flight from Texas to Memphis to start off our week! Please Join us for this Weeks QVG event, I ensure you’ll love it!

Callsigns: For any current QVG (Qantas Virtual Group) pilots, please use your current Pilot ID. For example, Devaughn M– QFA0744. If you aren’t a current QVG member, please use appropriate callsigns.
Non-Current Pilots: If you aren’t currently flying with Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline, please head over to our Website: ifqantasvirtual.com

We hope to See you in the Skies Very Soon!
Devaughn Monroe (@Devaughn_Monroe35 )
Los Angeles HUB Manager - QVG


2019 really

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