Re-add the Space Shuttle

We had already said its totally gone on the new update

I think the space shuttle is a fun add too, i usually do 1 or 2 landing on it when im bored. But theres really no other use for me though. The interface and design was pretty insufficient and i eventually get bored of it.

I wouldnt ask for it back or beg for it to be remove, i’ll use it if its there. But since its gone, it will simply be a memory for me =p

Im glad i got to fly it in IF!!

What? It’s no more in the sim?

I bought Infinite Flight just for the shuttle…

Good bye everyone, my life has come to an end.


Perks of having an iPod 4.


The shuttle is still in the app. They just removed the menu item.

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Does that mean we can still use it?

Still got it on my iPad 2

Not unless you somehow modify the app to let you select it.

Short answer is no. But to add it back they would just need to add it back to the selection menu.


Such a sad day.


I’m not pretty sure about the Space Shuttle because it’s not a plane either. Instead, you can upgrade some of the planes like F-18, Spitfire or Boeing 787. Would be awesome.


The Boeing 787 is being updated.


Um… Russia is applying a space shuttle revival program to revive the Buran Programme. So guess they should add it back with russian liveries

Go to the page: possibilities for a revival of the buran programme

With global Flight he can fly everywhere !

Buran has no relationship with the US project.

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The shuttle is still there, it’s just on the back of a 747.

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I wonder if someone is gonna make a topic telling devs to add space… wouldn’t that change the whole game. 😂


Including a launch pad! 😉


We need for the global scenery and also will be fun on live
Also ,bumping thus because of voting system


Seeing as Phillipe has said several times that the 500m scenery coming with Global only looks good from space, that made me think of something that could I feel could use a re-introduction into IF. What do you guys think?


In my opinion the space shuttle has been replaced with a futuristic Lockheed Martin F22. It’ll get the views you’d want from space easily. I think Infinite Flight is doing just fine without the shuttle.