Re-Add Old Water Textures

As I have progressed through my days in post-global, I have come to conclusion of my own opinion that I seem to lure twards the “old” water texture.

I do not lure twards it because of the animation, but because of the details which include glare from the sun at sundown or sunrise. The waves seemed to also give it a 3D look that actually made it look like it was a real ocean.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the current texture for water, and I know that it came because the globe counted it as imagery, but maybe this could be added for when they add 3D buildings or trees. (which I created a request for also…) I use these as an example because they would have to deal with imagery streaming.

What do you think? I personally would love to see the glare of light from the sun or moon while flying over the ocean 🌊 or just the animation also.

Image from old Infinite Flight:
Thanks @KPIT for letting me use this photo.

I don’t have any votes left. :)

Already back first time this year since 2017


I don’t understand. 🤷‍♂️


While I do like that, I like the satellite scenery more because the water colors are different in certain areas and that looks super beautiful.


Isn’t this topic similar to this?


Not exactly. That is just for reflection of the water on current water textures. I meant the whole in itself.

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Well what if there could be multiple colors of the old ocean to make it more realistic? 😏 I think it’s possible.

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I like the idea but it would be a hard and long task to implement I think

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I have always thought about how much I liked the old water texture instead of looking like a black hole at night, great request!

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This seems like it would be difficult to implement.
But it’s a good idea. For now all we can do is look at the old IF textures.

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I have to agree with @Cole_Collins. While the old water texture was really nice, it was also boring in terms of color. The new satellite imagery brings out the most beautiful colors, say, in the Carribeans. Unless the devs are able to bring the old texture with the satellite imagery, which is probably a mammoth task. 😁

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I agree. and since we are talking about bringing back old features, could we re-add the topographical map back? Please? It was useful because it showed the altitude of different landmasses. I would vote for this, but I am out of votes.

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The old water was the bright spot compared to the old terrain. The new imagery though is a step up for both terrain and water. I’m sure the team will be focused on provided better quality imagery as time goes on so going back to pre-global water just doesn’t make sense.

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I can agree on some aspects, but I don’t think that anything could replace the old textures.

I only want the water, but if you want the topographical map back, then please request/vote it in its proper thread.

So you’d prefer fake water to something more realistic?

I don’t understand. By “fake” do you mean the old textures? If so then yes. They seem much more realistic in terms of looks and detail. And like I said, there could be multiple colors of the texture (water) for something like around the Caribbean. (Multiple colors in one place.) Plus the older one has 3D waves and glare from the sun!

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I think we get to see the water as it truly is now. All water doesn’t look like that even if it was made to be different colors which I think is a lot easier said that done when you put in the perspective of an entire planet. For instance our beautifully Allegheny river water here in Pittsburgh is gonna look very different from the water filled with glacial sediment that you’d see in Alaska. With the current imagery we can see these differences. I also see waves crashing, sandbars, and multi-colored areas where two bodies of water meet. I don’t think anything can be much more realistic than that.

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There is just a distinct feature to the old water in my opinion. I do agree that some bodies of water like rivers should stay the same, but the ocean could look better to me if it had the old textures implemented to them. Sorry if it sounds like bickerring, it’s not my intention, but I hope we can find solid ground!

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Necro-Post, but I love this idea! Voted!

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