Re-add glare to planes in IF.

(My image) Ok so by the title I’m sure you all know that I miss aircraft glare in IF. Also, if this is a duplicate, which I don’t think it is since I looked all over but I might be incorrect. Anyways I really miss the aircraft glare since it made the airplanes look brand new and and plus the fact that I like shiny things lol. But being serious now; I do know that there are small bits of glare on aircrafts now but so much was removed. I mean since this will be a divided topic I assume, maybe an option for this would be nice. But really, I do see some small glare on airplanes now in IF, but there was a lot of glare before global and I really miss it badly. But I want to hear your statement(s) and responses to this topic. Opinions would be great! Just remember, I love criticism! Thanks!!! Votes are appreciated!!!

Indeed. This would look good preferably under fog. I wonder why the sun still shines on one side even though a dense fog layer covers it? That’s where I could see the “old shine” come back.


Glad you agree for the most part! Don’t forget to vote!

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You can vote for your own post if you want to! 👍🏻


I’m out of votes & voting for one of my other topics.


I’m slightly confused. (See attached photo) Would this be the glare? or reflection?


That is reflection I believe

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Well that would in my view probably be reflection since the sunset or sunrise is reflected off the plane, but in fog there is glare.

I personally think that the old glare made the plane look TOO shiny.

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Like I said before; this will be a divided topic. But I appreciate your opinion.

I think the previous version, whilst nice, was probably too much glare. The new rendering with global has a far more real feel to it.

Picture below I think is plenty of glare, any more and you’ll lose fuselage detail.

Also the previous version had sunrise, noon, sunset and night. Sunrise and sunset would out the sun perfectly level with the aircraft and create that bright glare across the fuselage, that’s probably why it seemed so prominent it that version.


True saying that could be.