RDU Airshow

I was thinking about why there weren’t more airshows, and decided to do one!
So why not do it at my home airport!
Raleigh-Durham Airport - KRDU
20:45 - 23:45
2023 New York Air Show - June 24-25 - Orange County Airport

General Aviation Airplane Shipments Fall Off 10 Percent for 2020 - FLYING  Magazine

We will use cargo/ga/nc guard gates
@Alaska_Airlines09, @jimi747, @BenjiTheBull, @anon14887730 : Blue angels
@Aviator_PdJ, @LuckyRc : F-22
@DJW: Refueling stunt with F-22s

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i will probably join around 5 pm est

Im coming, Im taking the Blue angles

ok thanks!

Np (101010)

Coming in with Super maneuverable, F-22!

ill be going hopefully blue angles and do some stunts

i will be fat albert for a bit maybe do some formations

I might join around 2023-05-26T22:30:00Z

I can do blue angels flight and maybe c130 flight at 2023-05-26T22:30:00Z

I will do a f22 demo flight

we should make a discord chat for this

Agreed I think so too

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for anyone who wants to join, we will chat in dms

thanks everyone for joining!

will be doing a refueling flight with one of the F-22s

Can we just do it in discord?

I kind of don’t know how to make a server and make it invite only :|

sure! no one is late!

are you on discord @BenjiTheBull ?