Rckh to rjbb

What airplane do I take on this route and what airline?

Um is it a irl flight? And how long is it?

It’s a real world flight, operated by the EVA A321 (available in IF) and China Airlines 737-800 (unavailable in IF). Peach (A320, in IF) also does the route, so you have plenty of options.


If you like China airlines, take the 320.

I can’t find anything in real life but it’s one of the established routes for Friday night flight

There’s no China Airlines A320 in IF, nor is it a part of their real world fleet (with the exception of 25 A321neo aircraft on order).

Huh, I do have a model of the 320 of China airlines from Gemini jets, that’s weird then

You might be thinking about Air China then…they have 32 A320 aircraft flying around.

The thing is, I don’t think ANA flies it 😜

They don’t. They don’t fly to Kaohsiung City in the first place.

The ANA most likely may have been a typo/mistake from staff. That said, I highly recommend the Peach A320 for the flight.

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