RCAF Snowbirds- Operation Inspiration

The Canadian Snowbirds are flying across Canada to show support for front line and essential workers during Covid-19.
On Sunday May 10, 2020 after being delayed a day due to Southwestern and Central Ontario receiving snow during the morning, the Snowbirds made their way to London Ontario.

All 9 of the demo birds on low approach to Runway 27 with the smoke on. they would make Left traffic and land in groups of 3.

The first group of 3 Snowbirds on short final.

The final group of 3 on short final coming in with smoke on.

This last photo shows all the flight crews lined up in front of the London Police Services mobile command truck for their media photo op.

The main bird in this shot is Snowbird 8.

Although we had cloud cover during this day, it is always nice to see the Snowbirds flying.


That’s not 6 feet! 😉

Awesome pictures!


I know, but it wouldn’t have made for a good photo being spaced out.

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Was there too! Awesome to see them!

Nice. Wish they came to the west coast 😥. Overall hope you enjoyed

They will be. Started out east in Nova Scotia and moving west. They are planning routes day by day due to weather issues.

It really was.

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