RCAF Snowbirds Crash

Recent news reports have been saying that one of the RCAF Snowbirds has crashed in British Columbia, Canada. They are currently doing their Operation Inspiration mission right now, to do flyovers all over Canada to raise people’s spirits. My thoughts are with the families affected by the tragedy.




Quite tragic. This is the second Snowbird crash this year I think. Not sure what’s going to become of them.

Warning, strong language.


Very sad. Just saw them last week.

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It seems the pilot ejected, thankfully. Hope there were no ground casualties


First this year. Hopefully thats it. Last one was the 5 jet in georgia in october.
I hope the pilot is okay. Doesnt look like there was much alt for the chute to open …


I’ve heard different reports. Some say there has been, some say none

I think they confirmed at the pilot is okay but there was one casualty


Awesome news, I didn’t see a chute in the video above and feared the worst.

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Hopefully it’s the latter

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Yeah one report said they parachuted out so could be good news!

Some BC spotters just updated me, they’re saying the pilot has minor injuries and the casualty is female and was in the aircraft.

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Oh geez! 😬 That’s not good!

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I’ve heard a bunch of conflicting reports. Hopefully all are ok. I believe they’ve been transiting with the pilot and tech. Hope both and all else are ok.



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Let’s stay positive. 🙏


I actually live across the road from where the aircraft crashed. I don’t think I know any more than you all do, but here’s what I do know.

  • Aircraft had just taken off from CYKA (Kamloops) runway 09.
  • Something happened on departure that cause the pilots to pull up to give them ejection altitude.
  • At this point I heard the jets and remembered that the Snowbirds were departing Kamloops today. I was out in the backyard gardening and I heard It get increasingly louder. I saw something (presumably the jet) out of the corner of my vision go behind my house and was followed by a loud explosion.

The above took place about two hours ago. I’ve not been able to cross the road as they are keeping it clear for emergency personnel. I can see from my window an orange parachute on top of my neighbours house, as well as (what I think to be) the wreckage. I can confirm the people who live in the house the aircraft crashed into are doing well as I saw them by one of the ambulances.


The SnowBirds flew over my house a few days ago so this hits close to home.

Truly saddening


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Wow, that was unexpected and truly saddening. They flew over my house ~10 days ago. Praying that the pilot and passenger are okay. Awful that it happened now, during Operation Inspiration…

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Hope for the best of everyone affected by this.
I saw their last show before the crash in Atlanta which was the day before

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