RC Planes topic

Hello! This is a topic where you can talk about RC planes! Based on the Drone World Topic by @Wonderousbuilder641


Credit: The largest Jumbo Jet RC model in the world - ABC listen

Didn’t find any topic like this for RC so I made one myself


  • Be nice to eachother

  • Only post about rc planes

  • Dont spam, advertise or be mean

  • Have fun


Wouldn’t RC planes classify under the Drone category?


Depends on what FAR we’re talking about lol

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Talk here about anything that’s around rc planes talk about new planes talk about your flight and crashes talk about anything

Technically this is a repeat topic because RC planes are classified as drones, but whatever, I don’t really care.

All I’m gonna say is that most countries classify RC planes as drones, thus you must follow all drone laws in the country you live in (for example, you might have to register your RC plane).


Just got it for Christmas!

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My first flight on my a380 was successful!

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video maybe 👀👀

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Sure, I will try to make one

Guess this topic is dead now

Very bad news: I found a glider in my cellar that is 30 years old and I make a test flight today and it split in half, it got dirty as heck and the wings need to be inspected before further use 😭